Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Blogging

Is it just me or has our little blogging circle slowed down just a little? I know that our household is busy with baseball, softball, yard work, playing outside, etc. I just don't get on here as much and when I do, I'm not sure what to say (thus, today's entry!).

I haven't even perused some of my favorite blogs lately and the wife has slowed down a bit. It sort of reminds me that I have this post I've promised to do called, "Why I blog" with some of your responses. One thing I know is that I blog to chronicle my life. Not that I think it's important for the world to read, but it's one way we can remember things that happen. I guess that means I'll keep at it, but things may be a little slow this summer. We'll see.

Wow, this was a stellar post. I think that if you really concentrate you can hear the crickets and my guess is that they are all watching paint dry.


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Did you have to post the yawning photos? Now I really am yawning, but it has nothing to do with your post. They always make me smile.

Uvulapie said...

Way back in the day, about a hundred or so years ago, it was common practice to keep a journal, a kind of "dear diary" for adults. Blogging has somewhat revived the practice though I'm pretty sure my two readers either have already heard my stories multiple times or are close to a coma from boredom from reading the exciting adventures of my daily life. That's why I enhance my blog posts with herbal supplements.

Mr. E said...

Way to go, make me yawn why don't ya! I yawned here at work and now my students are yawning. Is must be Friday!

Our blogging circle has slowed down a bit. I try to blog when I can but I just don't want to blog about nuttin'!

Check our my blog. My wife and I have started a new business. I promise I won't "spam" e-mail ya stuff.

Toni said...

They ARE watching paint dry. And I hear them going "foo, foo, foo" as they blow on it to speed up the process. I guess we're all in this blog-fog together.

Randy said...

I still think I have things to say on my blog, but lately, I've just lost interest. It now seems like a chore for me to write. I go through these times. Sometimes I can blog for days and not want to stop, then other days when it seems like it would take too much energy to put together something constructive. However, I doubt I will stop as I know I would regret it later.