Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ending Friendships With One Click

Thanks to the Internet, you can now end those annoying friendships with the simple click of a mouse button. I learned that today while toying with my last.fm software. In case you don't know what that is, it's a handy tool that finds new (or old) music you might like based on what you listen to. I'm sure they collect info on me and use it to send me nifty ads online but I honestly don't care. I can use this to see what other people listen to as well and establish "friendships" with these folks online. One of these "friendships" is with uvulapie of Uvulapie And His Amazing Hillbillies. While we have an online friendship, we're actually real friends (well, ever since my attorneys forced him to lift the restraining order). We met in high school over twenty years ago and still stay in touch today.

So, as I was messing around with my last.fm software today I thought I'd take at look at uvulapie's profile:

One day I discovered that I had ears. My life has never been the same since. 260 area code, still nostalgic for 219.
I was also able to see what kind of music he was listening to:
  • A Camp
  • The Beachboys
  • Galactic Cowboys
  • 2 Foot Yard
  • The Caridgans
  • Bryan Scary
  • Mr. Gnome
  • Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
He certainly has eclectic music tastes, much like myself--that's one of the reasons we've maintained our "friendship" even though we live nearly three hours away from one another.

But then I remembered that one time he glared arrogantly at a bowl of potato salad that I was eating back in 1989 and I decided that I'd had enough. I wanted to end this friendship and I wanted to end it immediately. But how could I do it? Could technology help me? The answer is...

YES! Thanks last.fm for making friendship annulment so easy.

That will teach him!!!!!

P.S. If you're a music geek like me (and uvulapie who is still my friend) you can see what I'm listening to via my last.fm thingy on my blog. It's on the right hand column somewhere (above the cheese news headlines). You'll also learn about "scrobbling".


Uvulapie said...

You THINK I'm still your friend but I'm actually undercover for The Man, forwarding your e-mails to your boss who is stockpiling evidence to get you canned. I've been doing this for nearly ten years. Explains a lot, doesn't it?


Chris said...

I had a friend (no, really!) who recently introduced me to pandora.com. Same concept - they stream audio based on preferred artists / styles etc. Not sure if it has a "ditch your friend" feature or not; I'll check.

Toni said...

This post had me at Hillbilly! ;)

Uvulapie said...

If you're wondering what Cardigans song I'm listening to it's "You're Losing A Friend."

Big Doofus said...

I'm just ignoring the posts from "uvulapie" as I ended our friendship yesterday.

Chris: I've done the Pandora thing, too. You cannot end friendships with Pandora, but you can remove their spleens with a right-click of the mouse.

Mayhem And Miracles said...


What I am able to note of Uvulapie's profile is that he appears to be drowning one of the Hillbilly children. That's one way to end a friendship.

You guys are fun!


Wani said...

I wish I'd read this post before care group last night. We talked about friendships and how some friendships are for a "season" and some are for a "reason" and its natural to have some friendships end. This would have been a great addition to the conversation!