Monday, May 19, 2008

Baseball and Softball

These two words pretty much sum up my life right now. I'm the head coach of a 13-15 year old Babe Ruth League baseball team and the unofficial assistant coach of a U10 slow pitch softball team. Our boys managed to pull off a last inning win Saturday night (late--we didn't get home until 11:00 pm!!!) and my son went 3 for 4 after not hitting all year (4 previous games). He had two hits already and then asked me if I'd take him to Taco Bell if he got another one. So, his third at bat he slugs one, literally, into the pitcher's mitt--hard. Too bad because that ball would have been a line drive into center field. Then with his last time up and two outs, he knocked one into a hole in the out field. Two batters later he was the winning run. How cool is that? I love baseball. To make things even better the Cincinnati Reds have won six in a row.

My daughter's team plays my niece's team tomorrow. THAT should be fun. Plus, she's made a new friend in the neighborhood (the little sister of one of my baseball players). Do you all see how baseball brings everyone together? We should teach the people in the Middle East how to play.


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Sounds like a beautiful way to spend your spring. We slow things down at this time of year, only one child in soccer and the big guys have martial arts still. I adore watching them play though, whatever the sport.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

I am LOVING that idea! Make it their national pass time too. Good thing the girls love each other since they have to go toe to toe!

Evan said...

My friend, I have had the experience of trying to explain the rules of baseball in Arabic. Its... challenging. To say the least. Especially when you're dealing with people for whom "sport"=soccer.

Not to mention that baseball, in Arabic, comes out as "Al-Qaeda-ball", al qaeda meaning, of course, the base or foundation.

Rebekah said...

The Reds stink. Go Braves!!