Friday, May 9, 2008

More Amazon News

Today I got a note from with recommendations. I'm sure that this is based partially on the types of things that I've purchased before. But the first one just doesn't jive with the others. Here's the list of products that were recommended for me (I'm listing them in reverse order for the best comic effect):

  • Greek for the Rest of Us - book on beginning New Testament Greek by William Mounce. (Ironically, I already own this book but the computers at Amazon don't know!)
  • The Cross of Christ - book by John R. W. Stott
  • Masterpiece Theatre: Northanger Abbey - DVD movie adaptation of the book by Jane Austin.
  • Humble Apologetics: Defending the Faith Today - book by John G. Stackhouse.
  • A Little House Traveler: Writings From Laura Ingalls Wilder's Journey's Across America (Little House)
  • The Prayer God Longs For - book by James Emery White
  • Ryrie's Practical Guide to Communicating Bible Doctrine - book by Charles Ryrie
  • Grand Theft Auto IV - XBOX 360 video game!!!! Can you believe this combination of recommendations? Ovbiously, they need to tweak their algorithms a bit. I don't see Amazon selling a lot of copies of Grand Theft Auto IV to thumpers like me.
Remember that old Sesame Street bit about which one of these things doesn't belong with the others?


Uvulapie said...

They most likely recommended this because of your purchase of "Leisure Suit Larry: 16 Bits of Manly Glory"

Chris said...

"Which one of these is not like the other? Which one of these just doesn't belong?" (sing along with me!)

Randy said...


I admit that Amazon has done the same thing to me. They give me options on all the CD and Christian books and then they throw is some obscure thing I wouldn't be in the market for. Your list was a prime example.


Sniz said...

Yeah, Grand Theft Auto is supposed to be really bad. Not that I would know. I've just heard all the gossip. Not that I gossip.

Toni said...

I'm thinking it was lightly themed. As in, two thieves on the cross for what, grand theft? Okay, maybe not.

Btw, thanks for taping Narcoleptic Dad's baptism. Can you believe I forgot the camera? Hmmmf!

Oh, I know you like the red-winged blackbird. Thought you might enjoy this post.

scott said...

I probably threw off their fancy-pants recommendations by purchasing both Christian books and GTA: Vice City a few years back.

It was, um, research. Yeah, that's it.

Wani said...

you gotta love amazon!

Mr. E said...

Speaking of Sesame Street. I saw a t-shirt at the Jeff Dunham concert I went to on Saturday Night. On the shirt was a picture of the major Sesame Stree characters, and the caption underneath said, "I was raised on the Street!" My wife and I thought it was very funny and clever.

shay said...

I was thinking...Nothhanger Abby?! My hubby would rather die than watch that but then I saw the Grand Theft and thought...ding ding ding we have a winner lol.

What the...(my girl's fav saying)

Thomas Kingsley Troupe said...

No wonder you haven't been returning my calls! You saw I was playing GTA 4 on Xbox Live!