Monday, May 5, 2008

Family Night at the Ball Diamond

Usually, when you think of "Family Night at the Ball Diamond" it conjures up images of families going to see a major or minor league ball game. Maybe there are fireworks afterwards or a free concert, etc. But last night we had a real Family Night at the Ball Diamond. Our family took on our in-laws at one of the local ball diamonds in softball. We were also joined by my father-in-law who started out as all-time-pitcher and then was recruited to our team when one of our members had to drop out (something to do with her Nike shoe deal and some contract negotiations). So, it was five on five plus the pitcher and each team had to supply a catcher for the other team--you know,...all of the stuff you do when you're kids to make a the game work with the people you have (but we didn't have any "ghost runners").

With our kids getting older and having some real experience with baseball/softball, this was the first year where we could do this without having to make special rules for everyone. Even the eight-year-olds and nine-year-old were hitting the ball and making plays in the in-field. The ten-year-old and the eleven-year-old girl--who both have played softball for quite a few years--now were each a force to be reckoned with (hitting and fielding).

This was probably the most fun I've ever had playing ball. Our families were competitive in a fun way, but we also get along very well--even if our in-laws cheated to supposedly "win" the game in the bottom of the last inning. Sure, my brother-in-law and I broke into a minor fist fight in the parking lot afterwards and a few bottles and rocks where thrown in true brother-in-lawly love, but we were able to at least get back to speaking terms (i.e. through our respective attorneys) while in the holding cell overnight.

All kidding aside, it was a very special evening and I would encourage the rest of you to make the time for this or something like it while you can.


scott said...

Did you play with a wiffle ball? I only play with a wiffle ball. And plastic bats. And I insist on utilizing the "pitcher's hand" rule, in addition to the ghost runners.

I have wonderful childhood memories of playing "family reunion" softball in Berne, Indiana, a few times. Makes me sad that I live hundreds of miles from any of my family now. My wife's family just aren't the softball type.

Big Doofus said...

We played with REAL softballs and bats. There was no "pitchers hand" rule--I had forgotten about that one. It was really fun.

Toni said...

Holding cell? Great! Now I know 7 inmates instead of just 5. I'm off to ponder my own prison ministry.
p.s. sounds like great fun.

Rebekah said...

lol, love your description of the day.

Sundays for us usually involve some sort of wiffle ball game in the front yard. (not enough room to play real ball)

Sniz said...

Yeah, my Nike deal really panned out. I'm glad I pursued it. I guess we're millionaires now, due to my multi-million dollar deal to be a representative athlete based on my stellar softball skills.