Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Technical Reminders of Lonliness

I looked at my YouTube account today and was reminded of just how much of a loser I really am.
Do I really need the Internet to remind me of this?


Uvulapie said...

The truth hurts. But remember, you'll always have binge drinking.

Sniz said...

Aww, honey, I'll be your friend!

scott said...

That's funny, because I was leading a workshop just last weekend on digital video and uploading stuff to The Internets. In my example, I pulled up my YouTube account and noticed the exact same thing.

YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS. On a huge 15-foot wide projection screen.

The four people in attendance didn't find the humor in it like I did.

JAN said...

If you're still feeling blue, check this website out. It always cheers me up! :-)

Uvulapie said...

Do you really need to emphasize your "No friend" status by not writing a new entry for a week?