Saturday, October 27, 2007

Talking Animals Again

The other day the wife convinced me that we should record the new version of The Shaggy Dog for the kids. I was reluctant as I was sure this movie was too silly (in the trivial way) for anyone to watch--let alone like. But I have to admit...this movie falls into the "guilty pleasure" category for me. Plus, I set myself up for this a few days ago and I have a history of liking movies like this (e.g. Homeward Bound). So...there. I've said it.


Sniz said...

You're not being completely straight-forward. The animals don't even have to talk...humans that do silly dog-like things, or dogs that do silly human things, (as evidenced by your favorite commercial right now) gets you laughing every time! This movie was right up your alley.

Toni said...

Homeward Bound. I had to convince a relative that HB would be a better movie to take her 8 or 9yo son to than Leprechan (rated R, horror film). I won and her kids loved it. Who knew?!

scott said...

I'll admit that I've had a copy of the movie sitting in a binder for a number of months, and we finally pulled it out to watch a couple weeks ago. In fact, we watched it after the kids were in bed.

It was very romantic. Except that snake with the dog tail, that thing totally creeped me out.

Uvulapie said...

My how times have changed... it seems like just last year you were a sucker for movies involving midgets. Or wait, maybe that was me.

julia said...

Do you have the cat food commercials there with people playing the part of cats? The 'cat' talks to the owner and at first you wonder why that person is acting so bizarre. And then you realize the 'person' is actually a cat. I LOVE those!