Saturday, October 13, 2007

Googins Online

Oohvahlappy (Uvulapie) is responsible for this. I give him full credit. He deserves it. He recently had to add a user by the name of "Googins" to his client list. This may be the funniest name ever. I might have thought he was making it up until I decided to search for "googins" on google (hey, there's an interesting similarity there...but I digress).

1. Googins & Anton - Financial Planners

"Your goals...Your dreams...Your priorities...Your googins.

2. Where Googins Families Lived in the US Since 1920

If you want to escape from the Googins, your best bet is to head west. But whatever you do, DON'T GO TO MAINE BECAUSE THAT PLACE IS CRAWLING WITH GOOGINS!!!

3. Honey, I "stumbled upon" a googins today.

Either Googins isn't being completely honest or he's still holding out for puberty.

4. Googins Lodge!

This is great because it finally brings together "Googins" and "Lemuel". Imagine the fun you'll have inside.


Toni in the Midst said...

Googins Naben!
We spent part of our honeymoon in Maine. Carl asked for directions from the Gorton's Fisherman.'s_Live/images/100_0172.jpg

Next thing we knew, we were fleeing, making a quick dive into the local drugstore to escape the gruffy man in yellow (oh yes he WAS dressed exactly like that.)

You see, when Carl asked Gordy for directions, he responded with some sort of lung hacking, wharf dancing, salty sailor cough response (no words) that scared the jeebies out of us.

In retrospect, I'm thinking he wasn't the Gorton's fisherman at ALL. No, in light of newer evidence (mainly the Googins map, which, btw, I'm impressed you found because *some* U.S. Americans don't HAVE maps), I'm thinking he was the lesser known and much more frightening GOOGINS fisherman.

Sniz said...

I wondered why Googins was your first choice of names to give our son. Now it all makes sense.

Uvulapie said...

Congratulations for catching the fever! I've used it so much that even a non-odd sports-guy as work has used it... that's progress! In closing, (wait for it...) GOOGINS!!!

scott said...

This actually is reminding me of the name Rog and friends would always use when ordering pizza back in the day...