Monday, October 22, 2007

Baby! Baby!

If you want to understand my sense of humor (most of you have better things to do, but as long as you're reading my blog--why not?), watch this new commercial from Jeep:

If you had trouble making it out, go HERE and click on the little banner that looks like this:

There are several successful elements in this commercial that make it work for me:

  1. Talking animals
  2. Singing animals (but not the kind you see on the flea and tick collar commercials)
  3. A Neil Diamond song (fun and cheesy at the same time)
  4. Animals attempting to eat other animals
  5. The look on the guy's face when the wolf chomps one of the singing birds
  6. The wolf's first singing line, "Baby! Baby!"
It's the wolf that really makes the spot work for me.

Of course, I have no intention of buying a Jeep, but I love being entertained in sixty second increments.


Me said...

The wolf spitting and busting out with Baby Baby is the best part!

I prefer people in animal costumes singing myself...

Sniz said...

Thanks to you, I've now seen this commercial 27 times. I do think it is funny, but I have zero desire to buy a jeep. But oh, to be the person in the commercial driving the jeep! Could there be anything better?

Dana said...

I saw that commercial for the first time last night and loved it!

toni in the midst said...

ROFLOL! Then there's my hubs. He cracks up at this one;


julia said...

Thanks for posting it - I haven't seen it yet. The wolf and the 'Baby! Baby!' gets me, too!