Friday, January 15, 2010

Lady Gaga Fans Stunned

Apparently Lady Gaga couldn't make it to her scheduled concert appearance in West Lafayette, Indiana, leaving her fans "distressed" and "stunned" according to today's Indianapolis Star. Looking at the picture from the paper, I think they're spot on. The lady standing on the left is obviously "distressed" over the incident and the gentleman sitting on the right with the big blue purse is "stunned" that he spent all of that time getting his hair and make-up to look perfect for the event. Hopefully he will be able to make it to the rescheduled event and will find the strength to carry on with his course work at nearby Purdue University.

If you haven't experienced some of Lady Gaga's music, you might give it a listen sometime just to educate yourself on what's popular today. I'm not going to provide a link as you don't need it. Our family got a thorough listen to the song "Love Games" at a local grocery store that was played at full volume. Imagine trying to distract your kids in the diverse produce aisle of the international foods grocery store when they want to know what is meant by the line, "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick." So much for subtlety.


Arby said...

Disco stick? Is that what I am completely oblivious to in modern music? I might understand a reference to disco balls...but I guess ignorance is bliss.

Dorci said...

I recently had to confront a cashier in the grocery store because they suddenly decided to put a GQ with an explicit cover on full view at the sides of the lane for the register next to People and Good Housekeeping. What the heck.