Monday, January 18, 2010

I Love 'Merica

We live in a great country filled with people who still seem to understand what it means to rise above their humble status when it comes to dealing with injustice, tragedy and natural disasters. It's times like these when I feel good about humanity and the future of our country. Go figure, we do our best when we're under distress.

But then there was this guy at the airport the other day that shook me up quite a bit. We were all waiting at the baggage carousel for our luggage. He was probably in town for a trade show, as was I, and I overhead this conversation (paraphrased, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate) with one of his work buddies:

THIS GUY: ...I got an estimate from another collision shop for the damage done to truck for the insurance company. You can barely see the mark on the bumper but it's going to cost a lot to fix. Of course, I'm going to use the biggest estimate I get.

WORK BUDDY: Blah, blah, blah. Blah. (laughs)*

THIS GUY: The truck isn't worth that much today. I'd sell it if I could get some decent money out of it. If the government ever does another "Cash for Clunkers" I'll get a new truck.

WORK BUDDY: Blah! Oh, and on another note, blah, blah food.

THIS GUY: What? No way. We need to get some REAL FOOD while we're down here. There's a Hooters just up the street from the motel...hey, there's my golf clubs!

*I don't remember much about what he said as I was too annoyed with the other guy)
If you didn't pick up on what I was so annoyed with, I'll spell it out for you. Americans complain about how government is too big and how big companies and their protective political action committees and associations stick it to the everyday man. While there is certainly truth in that statement, WE need to understand that our actions have an impact on the big picture. When we take advantage of insurance companies (whether it's auto insurance or health insurance) it affects everyone else. When we take advantage of government programs (even silly ones like "Cash for Clunkers") it affects us all.

Just my two cents. I'll go back to being silly now.


Arby said...

I'd like to know when Hooters became "real food." I wonder if he'd eat there if he was blind...

Oklahoma Granny said...

Years ago my parents were acquainted with a rather well-off older couple. From what I understood the couple had more than 1 medical insurance policy. Whenever one or the other would have to go into the hospital for something, the couple would, it seemed to me, brag about the fact that they would "make money off the deal" because the expenses would be turned into both insurance companies and both companies would pay off. No wonder insurance coverage is what it is today.

Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake said...

I'm so with you on this one. Both my folks do or have worked in insurance, and I can tell you, insurance companies want to help people. It's sort of what they do. And it kills me that nobody seems to realize that if everyone didn't treat insurance fraud as something perfectly normal, insurance companies wouldn't have to be nearly so vigilant, and nobody would have to fight for their legitimate claims. But for some reason, insurance fraud is one crime it's completely acceptable to discuss in polite company. I mean, would that guy have been bragging to his buddy about, say, shoplifting? "Did you see this new tie? I just stole it from Macy's. Just put it on and walked right out, har har har!"