Monday, June 29, 2009

Survey of Miscellaneous Things

Since there are still a few of you left from the Cake Wrecks link onslaught, I thought I'd gather your opinions on a few miscellaneous items (and kudos to me for guessing the correct spelling of "miscellaneous" the very first time when it's much easier to spell "randumb").

If you wish to participate, just leave a comment with the number or numbers to the questions you're responding to (or whatever). I may get fancy and create some sort of a follow-up post in the near future with a pie chart...or maybe just a big piece of pie. Pie sounds good. I've forgotten what it was that I was writing about. Something about homemade raspberry pie, I think.

So, here are the questions:

1. How many times do you need to tell a 15-year-old boy NOT to leave food/candy wrappers sitting all over the house (even when he's only officially allowed to eat in one room of the house)?

  • a. once
  • b. twice
  • c. five times
  • d. I'm still counting. It's at least 100.
2. When you're in a two lane round-a-bout and you pop in next to someone else how do you proceed?
  • a. Allow the person who was there first to have the right-of-way
  • b. This is a passing opportunity--just like NASCAR. W'hoo!
  • c. If you're on the outside and you have the other person on the inside of the round-a-bout, see how long you can go around the circle.
  • d. "Look kids, Big Ben...Parliament."
3. I like to read blogs because...
  • a. It gives me something to do in between Facebook and/or Twitter
  • b. I like learning about the lives of exciting people like..."Big Doofus." ;)
  • c. It beats working
  • d. It keeps my mind off of petty responsibilities like taking care of the kids, house, etc.


Sniz said...

Do I get a prize? Oh wait, just being with you is prize enough.

Dorci said...

Yaaay. My court jester's back in court. :-)

Banana Cream, please.

So, here are the official answers from a mom who survived 2 boys, who are now 20 and 17:

1. So D.

2. I'm a girl, A

3. E. All of the above.

Anonymous said...

i know the answer to all of these questions!

1. Is definetly D.

2. is A.

3. would probably be A. mabye?

I should know.

Julie said...

1. Definitely D.
2. Um, I live in rural Idaho. What's a roundabout? :p
3. All of the above.

P.S. I left a comment several blogs back about misuse of company time. You should know that that was just this little thing called sarcasm that I do a lot. I can't help it. I think it's a genetic disorder.

P.P.S. I think you're freaking hilarious.

P.P.P.S. I call my husband the big doofus, so naturally I already love your blog.

Steve Martin said...

Your questions have given me pause.

I will be examining them further with the goal of offering up some sort if intelligble solutions to the problems at hand.

I will retire to my chateau near Los Angeles for further reflection.

No calls, please.

Debby J said...

1. D - My kids are grown but our 2 teenage grandsons are here quite often and it's still the same.
2. My answer is that my husband drives if there's a round-a-bout anywhere about. I can only think of 2 even close to us - 1 in Tulsa and 1 in Branson. My husband would probably do the NASCAR thing.
3. B - I LOVE your blog!

Kate said...

1. I thank God on a daily basis that I don't live with a fifteen-year-old boy.
2. Follow the yield signs.
3. Beats working.

Thanks for asking!

Arby said...

Hey Big Doofus, Kathleen left a question for you on my blog. Read the comments at

Arby said...


1. d

2. d

3. d

We have a few round-a-bouts round about here. They're fun!

jedijson said...

1) D
2) B (except you need to put 'em into the wall!
3) C

And I'll take Key Lime because I can't spell Lemon Meran... Mirang... Mering... Whatever.

Hunnybee said...

Did you say something about pie?

Hunnybee said...

Yes, I added you as a friend on fb. And your wife. She's cool, you know.

Um, about that pie....

(You don't have to publish this. Unless you really want to. Whatevs)

Zippy said...

1. D
2. B
3. D (hockey playoffs are over, football hasn't started, so there's nothing entertaining on TV)

Also, I vote for peach pie.

David Plass said...

1. d
2. d, of course
3. d

(From a CakeWrecks convert)