Thursday, June 4, 2009

Milk and possible CCTV

My co-worker friend and I were hitting a local KFC/A&W drive-thru recently and couldn't help but laugh at two signs affixed to the window.

1. According to this sign, the KFC/A&W might have a CCTV surveillance system in place. But then again...they might not. Who knows. I've always thought a good deterrent sign would be something like, "NOTICE: EMPLOYEES ARE TO STUPID TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO OPEN SAFE."

2. What? The hot dogs contain "MILK"? Really? So, is this real milk or, wait...WHY do the hot dogs contain milk? Do they contain meat?


Arby said...

Unfortunately, if the employees are too stupid to know how to open the safe to remove money for a thief, they are also too stupid to know how to open the safe to put the money inside. So, unless there is a drop/slot for deposits, your sign idea is an advertisement that reads: "Lots o' cash on hand. Want some? Just ask."

Milk in a hot dog? Heathens!

Randy said...


This is "off message" but thanks for the phone call. I'm surprised you remembered the number. It meant a lot that you called. You're one of the good guys!


Randy said...

Five will get you ten that there's no closed circuit TV! Many times these companies will also install fake camera lenses to deter would- be robbers. I know of where I speak.

Plus, I read that hot dog thing three times! It sure looks like they are infusing those dogs with milk. So, the customer walks up and goes, "Yes, I'll have a dog with ketchup, relish on a chocolate-milk dog, thank you"

Toni said...

Hilarious! But honestly? It's pathetic to say this, but there was a time when my customers in the airline industry would ask me if their checked bags were going to be x-rayed and I'd have to plead the KFC. "Yes, maybe they will. Or maybe they won't. If you don't want something x-rayed, take it out. Just in case."
Told ya. Pathetic.

Sniz said...

So you happened to have your camera with you when you saw this? Pretty funny!

Steve Martin said...

CAUTION: The lettering on this sign may be of a font that is distatelful or harmful to you.

CAUTION: Your car is now located in an area that could possibly absorb a meteor strike. The management will not be held responsible for vehicles, and or people, flattened by objects falling from the sky.

CAUTION: You live in times of complete lunacy, brought to you in part by the Trial Lawyers Association and the wacky 'Left'.

Rebekah said...

I played a game of tag with your blog. Check it out when you get a chance. You dont have to play but it was fun

Lisa said...

Possibly the hot dog thing could have been for customers who keep Kosher and don't mix milk and meat? I dunno, not an expert, but it's the only thing that comes to mind.