Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Name

Feel free to check my last entry for the appropriate way to pronounce the name, La-Sha. One of you had obviously heard it before.

And so it continues. One of my Sales Managers informed me today that his pop-up display was destroyed by an airline and that they'd be calling me to settle up. Sure enough, a few minutes later I got a call from a Customer Service Representative with the last name, "Gouge." I was telling her how much the display cost. It was quite expensive and I wanted to show her the actual invoice for verification. I told her I would do that so that she didn't think I was trying to "gouge" her. No joke. Well, it sounded like a joke and I surely didn't mean it that way. Believe it or not, she thought it was pretty funny when I said it...and her company did an outstanding job of taking care of things. I won't tell you what airline she works for but their headquarters are in the southwest part of our country.

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