Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leaving a Legacy for Former Co-workers

Four years ago I used to work for a manufacturing company with a large office (250 + people) located in the Northwest side of Indianapolis. It was a fine job and I enjoyed my time there. However, I left for an opportunity too good to pass up. As is almost always the case with me and employers, I left on good terms. There's no good reason to burn bridges when it comes to providing for a family--especially in today's economy.

While I didn't leave on bad terms, I did leave them with something bad. It seems that just the other day quite a few employees were complaining about a horrible smell coming from the upstairs snack room. There's a refrigerator located there to keep lunches and snacks cool. At the time, I had a cheap little red lunch bag that I lugged to work most days. Today I got a call from my former boss and some co-workers (they put me on speaker phone) about the source of the smell. It seems that my little red lunch bag had something in it when I left--something for everyone. An odor so bad that it had to be removed. Of course, I had my name on the bag just in case it ever turned up missing. Now my name and my lunch bag are part of their corporate culture.

(NOTE: It's just a total coincidence that the subject of my last two posts have involved red bags.)


hunnybeemay said...

Nice. I'm just wondering why it took them FOUR YEARS to notice a lunch bag in the fridge. Really, who's fault is this?

Uvulapie said...

A few months back we cleaned out the fridge only to find a lunch bag from someone who had left eighteen months prior. YUMMY! By the way, cleaning out the fridge is a great way to get free, albeit furry, tupperware.