Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cost Effective Alternative to Invisible Fence

I've been pricing invisible fences used to keep dogs in your own yard. Online it looks like you can pay anywhere from $150 - $300 for these systems depending on how big of a yard you have and what area you wish to protect. However, I came up with an alternative to these invisible fence systems that's incredibly cost efficient:

It's Invisible Dog! There are so many benefits to Invisible Dog (besides the fact that I saved hundreds of dollars on an invisible fence):

  • Invisible poop
  • Invisible messes in our house
  • Invisible dog hair
  • Invisible vet comes with dog
  • Runs on invisible batteries or invisible dog food (whatever you choose)
  • 100% Silent barking, crying, yelping.
If you want one, just send me a check for $150.


Scott said...

I sent my invisible check more than a month ago! Where's my dog?!

My Thoughts Exactly said...

Awesome idea!! I met a lady today who told me that they have to pay a higher homeowner's premium because they have two dogs. What!?! Pretty unbelievable what people do for their pets. People are so patient with pets, too. But if their kid pooped and peed on the carpet....

hunnybeemay said...

My kid has pooped and peed on the carpet...this week. My my insurance company doesn't know about it. Keep it quiet, would ya? And my husband wonders why I haven't agreed to run out and buy the next lab puppy we find for sale. My neighbors have one of those invisible fences. I swear I am not lying: yesterday we were out for a walk and their huge, annoying German Shepherd came racing out the front door barking and snarling and then puts on the breaks three inches from the sidewalk while my child stood there frozen. I yelled so loud I surprised myself. *Grrrr* I was somehow under the impression that these fences were supposed to help ensure ours and the dog's safety, not scare the shoot out of passers-by.
What do I know?

Uvulapie said...

How much for an invisible humpback whale?

Canadian Dad said...

Invisible dogs what a great idea, are there any invisible lawns, or gardens???