Saturday, June 7, 2008

Taking Your Hat Off

If you watch a lot of sports on tv (and I don't...really...I only watch educational programming) then you'll hear the expression, "I take my hat off to..." used all the time. However, when they say it they NEVER take off their hat. Talk about a meaningless expression. It really bothers me. If you say that you "take your hat off" to someone, then you should take your hat off. Even worse, I've witnessed many occasions where people say, "I take my hat off to" and they're not even wearing a hat. Perhaps they had a hat on before the interview and took it off before the cameras started rolling. I'm not convinced. The abuse of this saying needs to stop.


Sniz said...

I take my hat...ahem, great post, BD!

Mr. E said...

Amen Brother, you preach it. It's like saying, "Oh, My God!" or "That's Awesome!", all the time on television. Don't people know what awesome means? It means worthy of worship or awe inspiring. Somehow winning tickets to see Hanna Montana is awesome. Oh, my God!