Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Trouble for Little Kayellynnes

The other day the family and I were shopping for pants. We were in a bit of a hurry, but managed to hit two stores just to see who had the better deal (and it paid off--but who cares about that). So, as I'm walking about the men's section of Meijer I can hear some mother yelling at her daughter, "Kaelin, stop it. Get over here or you're gonna be in big trouble!" Or, something like that. The only real detail that I remember (and the only one that matters to this entry) is the Kaylin part...or Kaelyn.

Fifteen minutes later I'm buzzing around the men's shorts at Target (which I call "tar-ZJAY" to make it sound cool) when I see and hear a completely different person yelling, "Kalynn, stop it!! Stop it RIGHT NOW!!! Get back here, Caylen."

How strange that I'd witness two different Kailenn's getting in trouble in two different stores within fifteen minutes of each other. Then I got to thinking...I've got a Kaalin on my daughter's softball team. And we've played against other teams with Kaelynne's on their roster, too. When did the name Kayelinn get so popular, anyway? And why can't any of the parents get together to standardize the spelling of the name, Kayelun?


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Heehee. The different spellings thing can get really confusing and difficult!
My little cousin is named Kaelib. I hate it. How can you take a beautiful name from the Bible and screw up the spelling to make it 'cooler'???

Toni said...

Well the funny thing is, Baby states that the origin of Kaelyn is "American" and, well, it's probably those U.S. Americans at that. And it says, "a form of Caelin", yet when you enter Caelin into their search tab, it seems there are no results for that name. Hmmmm, it a form of Caelin or do they just want to laugh while I chase my tail?
For the record, we changed Cierah's spelling (we didn't name her) because it's not our most favorite name in the world and we didn't like Sierra or even Cierra. Somehow, by adding the "ah" to the end we felt it at least seemed biblical. ;)

shay said...

My pet peeve is the change the spelling of a normal name people, really it's none of my biz if people want to do this so please don't be offended, it just bugs me lol.

My niece is Emilee. Yup it is! I know.

Oh and I've never even heard this name before so maybe it's just your area?

Me said...

I love the labels!

Chris said...

This may be a regional thing. Down here in the deep south (or is that Deep South?) I can't think of a single "Kaylen/Cailyn/whatever". "Caitlen" is somewhat popular, but right now we're very into Emma, Ella, Grace, Maddie, Charlotte, and every other grandmotherly name you can think of. Oh, and for the girls second name, just insert her mother's maiden name. Hence, "Ella Raines Harnesberger", "Emma Gardner Smithwick", or "Charlotte Weisburg MacFarland". They better start making those lines at the top of 1st grade worksheets longer!

Cheryl said...

My daughter is Caitlin. We thought when we named her almost 13 years ago that we had found something unusual. How totally wrong we were. Within a few years it seemed we were running into Katelyn's, Kaitlyn's, Katelin's, Caitlyn's, Catelin's, and Kaitlin's everywhere. (And of course there are all the variations of the nickname as well: Katie, Katey, Catey, Caiti (our pick), Catie, and Katy, just to name a few.


Sniz said...

Come on, Big Doofus, you know we thought we were cool when we named our girls Baylee and Izabella, two spellings that are neither Biblical, nor will ever be spelled correctly by any school administrator, nor will the ever find their names on those little plastic license plates for the back of their bikes. Sheeze. Now that I think about it, what kind of parents are we?