Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If Your Life Was a Movie

I'm not one to do these "memes" or whatever you call them, but I liked this one as it's right up my alley. Uvulapie posted it a few days ago on his blog. I'd challenge TKT to give it a whirl, as well as Chris the Worship Drummer. If you're into music and have lots of it--this one is for you...

Here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...
7. Include commentary
Opening Credits:
Big Bang Baby by Fluid Imbibers
The Fluid Imbibers are made up of me and Uvulapie (aka Jason). This song was written by Jason back in 1988(?) as his reaction to the theory of evolution. We recorded it, as we did most of the songs, in his bedroom using only the finest equipment (...that you can get for under twenty bucks at Radio Shack). The Kazoo solo here really makes the song and it would be a perfect way to start a movie.

Waking Up:
Time Has Told Me by Nick Drake
The late, great Nick Drake was one of the best virtually unknown singer-songwriters of the 60s and early 70s. This particular song would fit nicely in the "Waking Up" category for a movie score. If you've never heard of Nick Drake and you consider yourself to be a student of music, you need to stop what you're doing now (you can read the rest of this post later) and get your hands on some of his music. Some of his tracks may sound only slightly dated, but other cuts are at home in any decade. Ironically, his music is still used in movie soundtracks and commercials today.

First Day at School:
Crash and Burn by Cheryl Crow
I'm a sucker for Ms. Crow, but if this song were played in the soundtrack of my life while I skipped off to my first day at school, I'd probably end my life by eating poisoned tater tots. This song is just plain depressing.

Falling in Love:
Can't Keep It In by Cat Stevens
Wow! This is quite funny how this is working. This is an actual song about wanting the world to see how much in love you really are. Like him or not, Cat Stevens (known today as Yusuf Islam) had a unique voice and a very successful career with over 60 million albums sold.

Fight Song:
All the Way to Kingdom Come by Rich Mullins
This CD (the jesus record) still makes me sad. Rich Mullins was going to record these songs but only manged to lay down the demos before he will killed in a traffic accident in 1992. If you follow Christian Contemporary Music at all, you know who Rich Mullins was and you were probably touched by his life. I had the privilege of meeting him one time at an airport. We talked for about ten minutes about life and music and I'll never forget it. This song is a testimony to the love God has for us all the way to the end of the earth.

Breaking Up:
I'll Stick Around by Foo Fighters
Ok, this is getting weird. It's a breaking up song, but one of the parties in the break up has decided to "stick around." Technically, wouldn't that count as stalking? Anyway, the Foo Fighters continue to put out great music. Who would have thought that the real musical genius waiting to emerge from Nirvana was Dave Grohl? "I don't owe you anything! I don't owe you anything! I don't owe you anything!" Great stuff.

Hold It Up To the Light by David Wilcox
There are at least two different men named David Wilcox who are recording artists. One is a blues man that hails from Canada and the other is my favorite singer-songwriter of all time. This is a song about making decisions--and he gives some good advice here. However, I'm not sure if he specifically talks about cummerbunds or bow ties.

Life's Ok:
Tether To Tassel by Lifesavers Underground
So far, I'm happy with my soundtrack and it's been totally random so far. This is one of my favorite songs. Even though I used the label "Christian Contemporary Music" (or CCM) earlier to describe an artist, I hate that term. Music is music and it should be left to stand on it's own. Lifesavers Underground (also known as "Lifesavers" or "LSU") was a rare CCM band that could stand on their own. Of course, since they were a "Christian" band no one would ever get the chance to hear them unless the concert was held at a church or coffee house.

Mental Breakdown:
For a Moment by Ron Sexsmith
Most of my favorite singer-songwriters have been represented so far. And once again this song fits perfectly with the subject. Ron Sexsmith's voice is SMOOOOOOOTH and he's a gifted musician.

Across the Sea by Weezer
Well, at least it's a song about travel--sort of. Actually, it's a song about a band member receiving a letter from an underage female fan in Japan. It's about forbidden love and temptation. "I could never touch you. I think it would be wrong. I've got your letter. You've got my song." Weezer has a raw, live sound that I've always appreciated. Their subject matter is not for everyone (sometimes not even for me) but I respect their craft and totally dig their sound.

The Lucky One by Freedy Johnston
No, it's not "Freddy Johnson." The man's real name is Freedy Johnston and he's yet another one of my favorite singer-songwriters--and yet I've never seen him live. I need to rectify that sometime. Back in the day, he sold everything he had to move to New York to make it as a musician. My guess is that he's not rich, but at least he's making a living doing what he loves. Freedy's voice is unmistakable once you've heard it.

Getting Back:
Sometime by King's X
King's X is a "band's band". Back in the mid to late 80's every musician listened to them. They were destined to make it big with a sweet deal from Atlantic Megaforce records but it never happened. They've remained incredibly obscure but with a loyal fan base (people like me). I've seen them change over the years (e.g. lifestyles and political views) but they are still one of the most creative three-piece bands to ever play. If you like progressive rock you'll love this.

Plague of Flies by Lifesavers Underground
Here's the first repeat band on the soundtrack. Of course, if I would have insisted on playing "Plague of Flies" in my actual wedding, I'm pretty sure my wife would have left me. It's too bad, because the song really rocks my socks off.

Birth of Child:
If I Could by Seal
All you have to remember about Seal is that most of his CDs are titled "Seal". I guess it's just easier that way. Actually, you should also remember that Seal makes great music. His style fits the "Lite Rock" radio format to a tee but he has real talent and a soulful voice. According to Wikipedia (always a reliable source) his real name is Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel and he's married to supermodel Heidi Klum.

Final Battle:
Jesus on the Radio by Guster
No, this is not a CCM band. Guster is a talented three-piece band from Boston. They make regular appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and probably make a good living.

Death Scene:
Don't Ask Me How I Feel by The Swirling Eddies
The Swirling Eddies were the bad boys of CCM (which sounds silly, I know). They're members of other bands, studio musicians, producers, songwriters, etc. who decided to get together to record some songs. Their first two CDs were actually produced on a "major" Christian label. I can only guess that they had some embarrassing pictures of record label executives from the Christmas party or something. If you can get your hands on Let's Spin or Outdoor Elvis, be sure to give them a spin.

Funeral Song:
About Mrs. Leslie by Galactic Cowboys
These boys were contemporaries of Kings X back in the day. It's one thing to make loud music, but to make loud, technically challenging music with incredible harmonies is quite another task. This would make for a very odd funeral song.

End Credits:
Pencil Rain by They Might Be Giants
Amazingly, most of my favorite bands were randomly played during this exercise (and I'm getting tired of this post). TMBG is considered by many to be a novelty act, but their staying power and unique style is enough to put that notion aside. Every band can sing about love, cars and sex but TMBG takes the time to ponder pencils, toupees, metal detectors--real stuff. I love "the Johns."

P.S. If my life was a movie, it would be one of those straight-to-video kind or the kind that you'd walk out on only minutes into it.


Sniz said...

Such a long post and not one word about your lovely wife who makes your life worth living.

Jane said...

I had forgotten about Kings X. I'm going to have to see if I can get my hands on some.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I feel like I have learned so much about music today, wow!
Go give that lovely wife of yours a hug for me today, will ya? She rocks.

Rose Starr said...

How fun! I did this one awhile back...not sure when...but fun! Thanks for the comment on my blog today.

Thomas Kingsley Troupe said...

Dang. This one is going to take me a while. I'll get to it, I'm pretty sure because this does look like some fun.

Mr. E said...

I will have to try this! I'm sure you will know when I post it. I love lists you know.