Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Behold the STINKHORN!!!!

What do you get when you take carrots and dip the tips in chocolate? I have no idea. Actually, carrots are sweet and this probably wouldn't be all that bad. I cannot imagine why anyone would do this, but at least it would be palatable. More importantly, something like this would probably have a neutral or even slightly pleasing odor.

However, if you ever see anything in your yard (especially in the moist mulch-covered areas) that resembles carrots with the tips dipped in chocolate plug up your nose and quickly have it removed. I'm speaking of "stinkhorns." These ornamental but disgusting mushrooms sprouted right next to our front door in the flower gardens during the time that we were having torrential downpours every other day. So basically, I had to deal with my basement flooding and then wondering if it was going to flood every day--then to top it off, the stinkhorn fairy made a visit to my house to add insult to injury.

Ok, so the truth is that these things actually reminded me that God has a sense of humor and that everything is going to be ok. Our family did not suffer during the flooding. We were inconvenienced while folks to the south of us (along with people in Iowa and Wisconsin) have lost everything.


Sniz said...

Yes folks, this is not a stock photo, but an actual shot of the beauties growing in our yard and stinking up the place. Lucky us.

Rebekah said...

I have never heard of those things. And yes, God does have a sense of humor.

The lake we camped at is in Loogootee. I dont know the exact name but its in both Martin and Daviees county. West Boggs Park

penguinsandladybugs said...

These are new to me as well...in Texas, because of the heat and all the cows....EVERYTHING just stinks :-)
Thanks for stopping by my blog...you all are welcome to come over for dinner!!!
Tell YOUR other half I was thinking of her...hadn't read much from her lately!!

Toni said...

My mom once bloomed some gigundo "Little Shop of Horrors" type plant from, where, India? Can't remember what it was called but it grew to about 3½ feet tall and had one HUGE and beautiful bloom on it.
A bloomin' beauty that smelled like.......
rotting meat (I think I just refluxed on that one, ewwwwwwwww!)
She stuck it in the garage (Nice plan, Mom. Now your car smells like housefly's delight.)

But honestly? I didn't know we had our very own stink flowers here in IN. ROFLOL at the appearance of chocolate covered carrots too. HA!

eally said...

Wow, never heard of these before! They look just dahling though! LOL

Toni said...

Carl said that while he can understand how you've mistaken this for a stinkhorn, in reality someone has buried Tigger alive in your flower beds. Whether his fingers were then dipped in chocolate or whether they're just filthy from trying to claw his way out is difficult to say. One thing is certain though. This Tigger is no longer bouncing among the living. Oh, and these thugs meant business too, as evidenced by the broken digits. Why didn't they just throw in some cement boots while they were at it???

Wani said...

Thats so nasty!