Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Pre-Game Ritual

I'm a huge football fan and I live in the Indy metro area--so, yes, I'm a COLTS fan and I have been since they moved to our city back in the 80's. I usually get to one or two games a year. This year, I chose to go to the biggest regular season game in the history of professional football: Colts vs. Patriots (also billed as Super Bowl 41 1/2). Even if you're not a football fan, you probably heard about this one. It was huge...and we lost. In fact, it's embarrassing to admit how depressed I was for a few days following the game. Seriously, I should have other things to be concerned with.

Well, just yesterday I found something from the game that gave me a pretty good laugh. If you ever go to a Colts game, you'll get a free copy of Scout. It's their version of the event program and they actually hand it out freely (go figure). Anyway, I had the issue still sitting in my car and I decided to look through it some while I was eating lunch. When you're at the game, you only look at Scout to find out who someone is on one of teams, or how big they are, or where they went to college, or what position they play--you get the idea. But they also have articles and interviews with the team and cheerleaders (enlightening) in between all of the ads. I happened to open it up to an interview with rookie linebacker Clint Session who wears #55 for the blue and white. One of the questions they asked was what it is that he does before a game to get himself ready...

I do the same thing during my commute to work, but the bad words are usually directed at other motorists and I don't get to tackle them to the ground and get paid for it.


toni in the midst said...

Hmmm! Maybe Mr. Session writes for and so "praying" is really PLAYING? It's all so clear now. Sorry about your Colts. Even Carl was rooting for the home town team.

scott said...

I found that REALLY funny, actually. Although I'm assuming he was joking. If he's not joking, it's actually TWICE as funny.

And you got to go to the game last week? Seriously? I am totally jealous. So when are you gonna hook me up with some tickets? I haven't been to a Colts game in 10 years.

Oh, and "the biggest pre-season game in the history of professional football"? Don't you mean "regular season"?

Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

You're right, scott. I meant to say "regular season" and I fixed it. Yes, I was there. I usually go to a few games every year with a good friend who has season tickets.

This year I got to go for free because I was the best man in his wedding.

Sniz said... this for real?

Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

Yes. This is real. I think this is what he really does.