Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Meet me at my "Office" (wink, wink)

I didn't get a picture for this one, but believe me that it's true. Today I drove by a building that had the following written on top in big bold letters:


Why was "OFFICE" in quotes? Does that mean it's a cover-up for something else? If so, why would they make it so freaking obvious? If you were talking to a business associate and you told them to meet you at your "OFFICE" while making the quotation signs with your fingers, you'd get an odd look.


Uvulapie said...

Why would that get you odd looks. It's not as if everyone doesn't know that you "work" while away from home.


julia said...

LOL Uvulapie!!

Rachel said...

If you think that's funny... http://quotation-marks.blogspot.com/

Check it out!