Monday, November 12, 2007

New Feature - The Colt-o-meter

Last night my Colts played their worst game of the Tony Dungy era--perhaps even the worst game of the Payton Manning era. Manning threw 6 interceptions and Adam Vinatieri missed an easy field goal that would have given us the lead with a little over a minute to play. The only bright spot was that the praying-cursing linebacker featured on this blog just a few days ago, Clint Sessions, had two interceptions.

Here's the Colt-o-meter for this week.


Dana said...

Sorry about your Colts but I'll always be a Cowgirls fan!

(To answer your question from my blog, I received it in an e-mail. I meant to put that at the bottom but I posted it as I was running out the door. Late, of course!)

Sniz said...

I love the award on the side bar! Aww, honey, it'll be OK.

Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

I wasn't feeling sorry for myself. I just wanted my own award. So, THERE, honey.

JAN said...

Um, Big Doofus, It's PEyton Manning, not PAyton Manning.
(Sorry, the teacher in me just had to correct your spelling. :-) )