Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Home Construction

Our kids like to build houses out of shoe boxes. Typically, they find a box and get inspired to create. This often leads to "homes" with multiple rooms, connected together with tape, staples or whatever fastening device or adhesive substance they can get their hands on.

These dwellings are a great place for their little "friends" to hang out. Polly Pockets and little plastic animals are right at home.

It usually starts with an empty box and a request, "Daddy," my 8-year-old girl asked me this morning. "Can you cut a hole in this for the door?"

"Sure, sweetie," I said as I grabbed the box. In order to gain a head start on this project, she painted the inside--lavender. I know this because that's what color my hand was after grabbing it.

"Be careful," she added while the box was already in my hands. "I just painted it and the box may still be a little wet."


Sniz said...

I was wondering why there was lavender paint all over your clothes. Maybe I should have mentioned it before you went to work?

Toni in the Midst said...

Listen up, Mr. Shumway. Do not, I repeat DO NOT tell my Olivia your girls are crafting houses out of shoeboxes. My Olivia doesn't realize you can do anything more than turn a cereal box into horse stalls. It's pretty novice as 8yo crafty "tings" go. Oh the thinks she could think if she caught wind of THIS project.