Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Visit From A Holy Lady

Just a couple nights ago, while the wife and I were laying in bed we heard our 13-year-old son walk in the house and scream like a girl. The only time he screams like a girl is when he sees a bug (He gets this from his mother, but the rest of the story is a bit surprising if you know her).

Unless you ignored the image on your screen, you've been able to deduce that we had a rather large praying mantis in the house. In fact, she (I'm just assuming it was a girl as the males don't survive after mating) must have flown in to get a better look at our family as she was admiring some of our pictures on the wall.

Now, if you know my wife, then you know she's not all that fond of bugs. While the 13-year-old would have NOTHING to do with prompting our holy green friend to leave, the Mrs. sprung into action. She was like a different person. Here she was with a box, calmly trying to coax the mantis into it so she could show her the door.

"You're horrified of bugs," I said.

"I'm not scared of a praying mantis," she replied.

Apparently, there are certain bugs which strike fear into her heart and cause her to nearly drive off the road while others solicit no reaction from her at all. I'm thinking of putting together a list.


Uvulapie said...

She must have been a big fan of M.A.N.T.I.S. In terms of exoskeletons, that show had "The Adventures of Lois & Clark" beat by a mile.

scott said...

I think women just respect any female animal that bites the head off of the male after mating.

I mean, shoot, I'd respect them. It scares me just thinking about it.