Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Safe Travel on Interstates with Construction

During the a.m. commute through town (Indianapolis), I take I-70 and brave the massive construction project underway known as "Super 70". I take the reduced speed limit seriously. It can save a life--and it saves gas (an added bonus these days). Today, while going approximately 48 m.p.h. (limit is 45 in the work zone) I was passed by an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department car that had to be going 60 with no lights or sirens. She (license plate number 4972) was in a hurry, I guess.

What kills me is that police cars routinely sit on the side of the road on I-70 just past I-465 waiting for speed violators. Nothing funny to say today, folks--just venting. Feel my pain.


Andrea said...

I do feel your pain. You know how I feel about cops!

ThreeBills said...

I saw the same thing so I followed her to see where she went...You won't believe it, The "Hot Donuts" sign was on at Krispy Kreme...Told ya you wouldn't believe it!