Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fireworks stand marketing 101

Here in the Midwest, we have a special tradition that pops up right around the month of June. I call it the "Makeshift Fireworks Stand Phenomenon." This is where you have some old dilapidated building (that was probably a condemned restaurant in the past) that gets turned into a fireworks stand overnight. The first thing that goes up is usually the biggest vinyl sign that one can purchase with the name of the store. 99.9% of the time, the name of the store is, "FIREWORKS." I'm not sure if this is a chain of fireworks stores or just the name that works, regardless of locale. With this particular location, one can assume that the fireworks are actually manufactured on location.

The next step in Fireworks marketing is to place American flags everywhere humanly possible. Nothing says, "your money is exploding" like American flags. Remember, lighting off bottle rockets during an all-day drinking binge is as patriotic as apple pie and Chevrolet.

Finally, a FIREWORKS store is not complete without a giant blow-up figure standing near the building--even better if it's mounted on top. If at all possible, this figure should be something patriotic like Uncle Sam or a Bald Eagle. However, if these All-American icons are not available, anything will do, as is the case with this store located just a few blocks from my office.

My guess is that these entrepreneurs got their Uncle Sam order in too late or simply picked up a great deal on this from the folks at No Limit Racing...

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Andrea said...

Don't you know that helmuted balloon-men wearing obscured racing gear universally stands for fireworks in this country? Nothing says Fourth of July like when he comes down the chimney bearing dangerous, exploding toys for the kids. Maybe you've never been good enough to experience a visit from this icon of American independence. If so, that's just sad.