Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Driving in the Work Zone

Here in Indianapolis, we're rebuilding a six mile stretch of I-70 on the east side. They call this project "Super 70" and even created a logo and promotional events to crown the event--what an incredible waste of tax payer money. When I repaint the wood trim on my house (something Mrs. Big Doofus has been hinting at this summer), I don't give the job a fancy name like "Rapid Repaint" and have my neighbors contribute money to promote the project...but I digress.

Anyway, the speed limit is normally 50-55 on this road, but they've lowered it to 45 for the construction zone. That's reasonable. However, police officers love it because it's an easy target to meet their speeding ticket quota for the day. Seriously, the Indianapolis Star did a story recently bragging about how much money the city is making by enforcing the speed zone. I drive on this stretch regularly and the company doing the work gets a bonus for finishing early. This means that that there are almost always large crews working in the area--another good reason to SLOW DOWN (these people have families, too). But every FREEKING day I get at least one person that inches up so close to my bumper that I can see their nose hairs in my rear view mirror. To make matters worse, when they finally get around me (I'm usually doing 45-47 mph) they give me a dirty look or even FLIP ME OFF. Arrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!

Memo to the Guy That Flipped Me Off Yesterday:
You really need to trim your nosehairs.

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sniz said...

I didn't think Christians were supposed to get upset about other people's driving choices.