Saturday, September 20, 2008


I spent a week in Atlanta on business and I'm just now getting back into the swing of things. I haven't posted much this month as I've been preparing for a trade show and then actually attending it. It's a lot of work.

I guess there's another reason for my lack of posting lately. While I have nothing to hide (hence the blog), I accidentally posted the name of it in an email that I sent to my entire company (we're a small company of about 20 folks). It's no big deal as some of them knew about it already, but it was nice to have a work life and then sort of a private (although it's on the web for all to see) life with the blog. Thankfully, I've never said anything bad about my co-workers....UNTIL NOW!!!!! It's time for me to rip them all a new one.

Actually, I love my job and the people I work with. My guess is that everyone there really loves the environment, the work and the entrepreneurial spirit. We're fortunate to be a small, thriving company in an economy that's certainly seen better times. For those of you at work who are reading my blog, welcome. I doubt that there's much here about me that will surprise you--other than the fact that I wear women's clothing when I'm not in the office.


Rebekah said...

I have more and more people I know (casually) find my blog- usually through word of mouth.
When I find out that someone I know is new to my blog, it does affect the way I write for a day or two. Then I go back to writing to 'myself' and all is well

Arby said...

Check your e-mail.

No particular reason.

Just thought I'd write, "Check your e-mail."

Toni said...

LOL! You're such a kidder. We all know you exaggerated about the women's clothing (it's only frilly socks on Sundays, and you only ever wore the pink ones once). ;)

Toni said...

And I don't know why this post made me laugh, but it did (because I have sooo hit the send key in haste, only to realize that Aunt Ruth wouldn't appreciate discovering my discussion of her beard with the rest of the family, lol)

Uvulapie said...

Welcome back to the land of corn. Ya know, they've proven over and over again that there's more than corn in Indiana. There's also soybeans.

scott said...

Funny, that's not what you said about your coworkers at the strip club last night.

Frank Gillespie said...

Everybody at my workplace knows about my blog, but most could care less. This is until they need a theological question answered, and then they rely on “Father Frank” for answers. The blog came long after the nickname. I picked that up because I midweek services during the Advent and Lenten seasons. (Most here only darken a church doorway during weddings)
I like the idea of having a life away from work. I’m more than happy to socialize, but when it’s time to go home, it’s time to go home.

Randy said...


I need to borrow that silk blue dress and those stilettos for a dance Saturday night. Can you help?


Rose Starr said...

Toni's comment cracks me up...frilly socks ;)

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I'd love to have you use some of my images for your work if you wanted. Let me know :)

Wani said...

Yeah, I've found it a little weird when people I know mention in conversation that they've been on the blog. You mostly blog about goofy stuff... and I guess alot of mine is superficial too but I've gotten pretty personal with some of my posts... I wish everyone who visited would leave a comment - I like knowing who is coming and going. And it seems more people are coming than I know about!