Friday, July 25, 2008

Ten Years of TDJ!!!

I cannot believe that I missed a very special anniversary last month. Sure, I'm getting ready to attend (maybe) my 20 Year High School Reunion in a month, I've been married for nearly 16 years, my wife is turning [insert number here] in a few months, but this is important! Last month was the anniversary of The Daily Journal.

The Daily Journal was a blog before blogs were even invented by Al Gore. Back in 1998 my friend Jason (of Uvulapie and His Amazing Hillbillies) started up The Daily Journal (also known as TDJ) as a way to make fun of a few of the journaling sites that we had seen online. Back in those days, you did everything in HTML or you had some annoying web editing software like FrontPage to make your pages look sassy. It was old school Internets, baby. A few days later I joined in on the fun and some time after that Scott (of Java Jesus) became a regular contributor. We carried on this exercise in futility for about 8 years (although the last two were hit and miss and at one time we even tried to convert TDJ into a blog).

The good news is that it's still there. You can go back and read the old posts any time you like. Every so often I'll post an old entry on my blog and I plan on doing that more often. Why should I waste all of that creative energy when I could just steal something from the past so I can spend more time on the Oprah Forum.

For the life of me I cannot find the entry that goes with this picture (help me, Jason), but I thought I'd share it in light of yesterday's post about grizzly bear attacks...

Jason came up with this--based on an actual graph that he only modified slightly. It's subtle and yet it still manages to hit you in the face at the same time.


Uvulapie said...


Tech Daddy said...

Iowa had 51 shark attacks - would that be part of the "modified slightly"?

Hunny Bee May said...

Hahaha! Iowa. They have the world's biggest truck stop. And that's a fact.

I know cuz I saw it on the Travel Channel and cuz I've been there. There's a Wendy's and a Dairy Queen and a dentist on the second floor.

Now that I've contributed nothing useful to this post, my work is done.

Sniz said...

I'm glad I don't live in Iowa! Yikes.