Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Making My Mistakes Interesting

We've been trapped (sort of) in our addition for the past three months due to the construction of a round-a-bout at a busy corner in our bustling bedroom community. Well, last night I heard that our corner had been re-opened. How could I pass up the opportunity to drive on it this morning during my regular commute? Right? At this point in the story, I should point out that all of the stupid road closings in our area have forced me to find new routes to work--and I've actually found one that I'll probably keep on using even when they DO finish up all of the construction around me.

But, as I said, I couldn't resist the opportunity to roll my wheels along the fresh pavement. I decided to try one of older get-to-work passages and stop for coffee at $tarbuck$ along the way (a treat I rarely allow myself these days). This particular route used to be one that I took every day, even in the midst of the Super 70 construction. The Super 70 project along I-70 continues, but they've finished one side of the interstate and have moved traffic to the new lanes. Being a creature of habit (even though I haven't taken this route in a while) I just kept driving. By the time that I figured out what I had done, I had to wait another 6 miles until I could turn around at an exit. I estimated that I drove 8-10 miles out of my way and there was nothing I could do about it.

Sometimes, we make mistakes that don't seem to have any consequences (they all do, but that's another blog entry). Other times (like today) we make mistakes and we have to go way out of our way to get things straightened out--and by that time there are plenty of consequences to deal with--like being really late for work.

As I look back and read this entry, it's not all that interesting, so I'm going to ask my faithful readers to finish it and/or embellish it. Have at it...


Bruski said...

Perhaps it would have been funnier if someone had followed you in the right lane for that whole 8 to 10 miles screeming obcenities at you and telling you that you're number one.

Okay, maybe that would have just been funnier to me. :-)

Sniz said...

You turned around and, that's not a good ending.
You turned around and got stopped by a, that's no good either.
I have it! You got out of your car to read the detour sign because you didn't wear your contacts due to the fact they make your eyes red, but you forgot to put the car into park and it coasted across the street into a random driveway. Then the owner of the house came out and started shouting at you and calling you number one, but you stayed across the street in the ditch and acted like you didn't understand English and that it wasn't even your car. Meow!

scott said...

... and you weren't wearing any pants.

... and then you discovered a way to make MILLIONS FOR SURE.

... and then you punched a ferret.

... and then you took off your poncho.

... gravyboat.

Uvulapie said...

I have a new boss at work so once again I'm back to NO SURFING at work. Which means minimal blog entries and only comments that revolve around the world of gravy. But Scott already got that one pegged. So instead of going 8-10 miles out of your way you instead turned into a giant magical blowfish and stung Hootie to death.