Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Couple Clampett Moments

First off, I was trying to "Follow" someone's blog by subscribing to it and I accidentally subscribed to my own blog. So, now I can follow my blog for updates--how convenient.

Secondly, I had a classic Clampett moment the other day when bringing home a bunk bed set from the Goodwill store. My wife is a highly skilled Goodwill shopper and managed to find a bunk bed set the other day for the girls (for less than $40). However, it was too big for her to take home, so she made arrangements to have me pick it up later in the day.

Thankfully, my friend Carl (also known as Toni's husband and the only Bengals fan that I know--but that has nothing to do with this post) let me use his truck and I was able to get everything loaded with the help of a very friendly Goodwill associate. It was a very windy evening (I think there was a wind advisory that night) and the bed could not be taken apart easily, so I was ok with bringing it home assembled. It was a bit tall, but fit fine in the truck bed. The wind was strong enough that I elected to put my hand out the back window to hold onto the bed just in case. I drove well under the speed limit and made it home fine.

When I went to unload the bed, I noticed that there were two unattached railings (the guards that keep you from falling off of the bed) made up metal sitting on the top bed frame. THEY WERE JUST SITTING THERE--ATTACHED TO NOTHING. I cannot believe I made it all the way home, down a VERY busy street without them flying off and getting destroyed (and, perhaps, killing someone in the process).


Toni said...

Clampetts! I knew there was a reason y'all are such dear friends. I mean, whoudooya think y'all are,....US???!!!! :D

Carl told me that story and I was totally cracking up. Because, as you know, we have PLENTY of Clampett moments here in the H household. And subscribing to your own blog,...bahahaha! Definitely something I would do.

Steve Martin said...

You done did good, Jethro.

Next time have Ellie Mae tie that stuff down for you!

I met a Begals fan once. His son was on the team and he was hoping that he be traded to...anyone.

When are they going to change those uniforms?

Maybe when they get some real players to put in them.

I shouldn't be funnin' the Bengals...we don't even have a pro football team here in the L.A. area...although S.C. comes close.

Canadian Dad said...

The image I have of the bed in the truck is hysterical. God was watching out for you and others.

Canadian Dad said...

The mental image of seeing the truck with the bed in a windstorm is hysterical. Glad God kept you and others safe.

Arby said...

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