Saturday, December 6, 2008


I'm a Christian. It's the most important thing in my life and I'll make no bones about it. So as I share the following video from YouTube (and I'm only sharing the first one you see--if you follow the links to other videos you're on your own), I'm NOT making fun of my God or the church.

But I AM making fun of these guys. This is the most lame thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm not sure where to begin. First off, I'm sure it was made in the early 80's but I haven't looked into it to see for myself (who needs research when something is THIS GOOD). The lead singer overly annunciates every thing he says (too much staccato--but it could use more cowbell). There are several people in the video that look very bored. The "lead guitar" player looks like your uncle who is a total recluse in real life until you give him a guitar and then he gets weird--freaky weird. That's enough. I'll leave the rest up to you. Feel free to have fun with it. It's so bad that it deserves to be ridiculed (even in the church).

I almost forgot...

1. Special thanks to "The Jared" for showing this to me the other night at Higher Ground.
2. The "zap!" can be found at 1:56. Don't miss it.

"That's terrific, Sal! Thank you very much. Beautiful, beautiful, well..."


Elephantschild said...

Make the pain stop! ARGH!

:)De said...

Okay...That was by far the funniest thing I have seen all week!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

He sounds like Dr. Evil!
Jesus is like a mountie!? That made my day, thanks!

Toni said...

He's like a mountie and he always gets his man? Who wrote those lyrics? (I'm thinking Uncle Louie, the lead guitarist. SCARE-EEEE!)
I'm so laughing at the zap.

hunnybeemay said...

I've seen this before. I think they're pretty good. Of course I happen to like creepy-old-guy-ska-for-Jesus so this is right up my alley. Also, I'm thinking this isn't that old, just made to look so. Just my opinion though. Saw some buzz about that online somewhere the first time I saw the vid. Maybe in the comments on Youtube. Don't remember. Anyhoo, I wish I was cool like them.

hunnybeemay said...

Okay, I watched it again and I'm LOL. According to 'sonofsonseed' on Youtube these guys played around NYC about 25 years ago. So maybe I stand corrected. Now I want them to post more videos. Sorry I'm wasting all your comment space too. And I'm also very sorry that I've been wasting my own time 'researching' Sonseed. I've got too much time on my hands. Way too much time.

Frank Gillespie said...

this aired in 1978 on PBS channel 4 out of Syracuse, NY (my original stomping grounds).

Claire said... I wonder if those folks are trying to pay to get that video off YouTube. Too funny!

Uvulapie said...

My walk has just been re-invigoratiated. Or zapped.

Mr. E said...

These guys are really rockin'! My family laughed and laughed.

Mical said...

Yep ... it's pretty much one of the most hilarious videos ever. What a cheese!

"Jesus is my friend!"
"I'm a friend of Jesus."

Hilarious. That is all.

Randy said...

No wonder the world doesn't see Christians as relevant to today's society. Even today's CCM is just a poor sub-culture of the mainstream. I'm not saying the dudes and dudettes should look like Tom Cruise and Madonna, but that video was dreadful. I know some find it funny, however I see the world laughing at some Christians vain attempts to be salt and light.

Big Doofus said...


I think it's ok to laugh at ourselves. If this video was produced in 1978 it was probably just a bunch of well-meaning folks trying to make something that the kids might like. However, I was a kid in 1978 and that would have totally turned me off. But would it have turned me off to Christ? I don't think so because He has been in control the whole time.

Face it...this video stinks. If anything, poking a little fun of it might sharpen the church. We really don't need to try so hard to fit in with society to trick people into paying attention to us. The church should always stick out like a sore thumb when compared to the rest of the world.

But I DO share with you a bit of sadness when I see this video (although I'm still laughing at it, too). It makes me sad when the church goes out of the way to make themselves look silly.

Thanks for your thoughts, Randy.

Randy Adams said...


Maybe I need to fine tune my thoughts. The group may have tried really hard to reach out to others. I don't know their hearts, only God does. Maybe they had a sincere desire.

As far as the salt and light thing goes, I'm not saying we have to try to imitate the world to a nth degree. In fact, I think the church is too much like the world already. You know that most Christians don't even listen to Christian music? Or so I've been told.

Also, sure we can laugh at ourselves. However, the world is watching. I think, Roger, the bigger issue is that we "act" and "behave" like citizens of heaven. Trends come and go, along with fashions as well.

I'm finding that if we show a true heart of love for others, that will speak volumes more than a musical group could ever do. Plus, maybe I should claim "mea culpa." My first glance at the video showed that I was just looking at the outward. God, does, however, look upon the heart.

Like you, the "bad" video was just that, just bad. But, looking back there was a time when I said and did lame things in my life when at that time, I thought I had it together. May this video be a lesson to me that God truly looks upon the heart.


Jeanine said...

For some reason watching that gave me creepy Devo flashbacks. YIKES! that is hysterical!

Boys 'R' Us said...

Too Funny! My husband and I got a huge laugh out of this one. I found your blog through EC (my sister-in-law) and I enjoy it very much. I'm also a big fan of Miss Sniz. Thanks for sharing!