Sunday, December 7, 2008


I've probably stated my disgust for Microsoft's old "Clippy" character created by the company to annoy help Office users create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc. However, I'm even MORE horked off (I think I just made up that term--it means "mad") by the countless broken or destroyed paper clips that I find all over the house. I'm not sure what comes over the kids, but I think that whenever they see a paperclip they feel the need to pick it up and bend it...or break it...or both.

The only reason I KNOW this is because I find them laying all over the house--on counters, on the coffee table, under couch cushions, in silverware drawers, you name it.

I have nothing profound to say about it all. It just annoys me.


Elephantschild said...

Poor Clippy! Tortured on the rack by small children....

Hunny Bee said...

I hate that paper clip too. I used to get so annoyed when it would pop up and try and guess what I was working on and try and help. I did however like the little kitty assistant cuz it was cute. That was back in the day when I liked cats, which I don't anymore. But not because of Microsoft. It's because we had a cat and it peed all over our clean laundry all the time. So now I hate the paper clip and cats. The end.