Thursday, August 14, 2008

To Shave Or Not To Shave?

That seems to be a serious question going on in blog land lately. And since I have no inspiration to create anything new today, I'm going to punt to two of my favorite blogs.

First off, there's my pal skypigeon (also known by his nickname, "Jeff"--or is it the other way around?). Jeff's most recent post is called, "CAT SHAVING: Fashion Statement or Hideous Evil?". It's worth checking out. In fact, it's worth leaving a comment as he specifically asks for your opinion.

And then there's Tappity Tappity (Thomas Kingsley Troupe) with his "Mom Won't Shave Me. Jesus Can't Save Me." post from a few days ago. He's growing a mustache along with several other volunteer fire fighters where he serves.

Not only are both posts worth reading, they are blogs that you should bookmark and read regularly. I highly recommend them to both of my readers!

If you're still interested in cats and don't want to click away from the safety and security of Big Doofus Blog, you can watch a movie that I liked about flying cats by clicking here.

NOTE: I borrowed the shaved cat picture from The Hudsons Blog which looks like an incredible wedding photographer's site (I just Googled, "shaved cat" and found it--imagine that). The straight razor is from some site called "The Art of Shaving" that sells really expensive shaving paraphernalia. If people are willing to pay over a hundred dollars for a razor, I may need to start a business/web site called "The Art of Toenail Clipping."


Hunny Bee May said...


Okay sorry. I always wanted to do that.
I like the movie about cats flying.
I also like a movie on YouTube about lawnmowers flying. I think it's called 'Flying Lawnmower'. Ironic.
Me likey things that fly.

*random change of subject*

Yes, it is my son I'm talking about potty training. My husband Michael has been trained for quite some time now. In fact, it's been months since he's asked for the potty dance after a successful trip to the loo! Woo Hoo!

Rebekah said...

When I clicked on you blog in my bloglines the first thing I saw was the title of your blog and the picture of the cat. I immediately gasped "Oh no he didn't" Quickly I opened your post to see what the story was about. LOL-

I will now venture over and check out the blogs you linked to

Mr. E said...

I think shaving cats is a bad idea all around. Funny Story. Check out my true ghost story on my blog.

Uvulapie said...

Shaving is evil... just ask the Amish.