Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fame, Fortune and Crummy Church Signs

Many years ago, I had the idea to write a book full of pictures of awful church signs. You all know what I'm talking about. Usually it's something corny like this:

What's Missing?

I started taking pictures and putting them on my computer. Then I conveniently forgot about the whole thing.

Recently, I signed my blog up on the Humor Blogs* list hoping that I might generate some more readers and stumbled upon a site called Crummy Church Signs. So, I sent the blogger a few of my signs and one of them has already been posted (it's the "Chris Farley" sign). Be sure to take a look. The entire site is quite a hoot.

*Feel free to go over to Humor Blog and rate my site. Like I said, I'm just hoping to bring a few more people by the blog just to see what happens.


elephantschild said...

My brother's high school had a teacher named "Jack Daniels."

No lie.

Toni said...

My friend back in Ohio is a deacon in his church. He hates those "crummy church signs" so I used to bust his chops by sharing the latest greatest one I'd seen. ;) (he had a good sense of humor so I could do that, lol).

Anyway, if you want a good photo, drive by the methodist church in Plainfield (it's the one that's right by the library). They have a bus in their lot that on one side reads, "Plainfield United Meth Church." It seems they lost the "odist" in Methodist, so now they're just a meth church. Oy vey!

shay said...

Sometimes I wonder if we just want everyone to mock us?! lol.

eally said...

Churches need to retire that "what's missing in chch" line....that is sooooooooo overused!

elephantschild said...

And the "Had a stinky day? We've got a PEW for you" line, too.

I'd like to see more BIBLE VERSES on church signs, personally!

Wani said...

I went to the crummy church sign blog - laughed out loud when I saw the Flippin Church of God pix! Loved it!