Monday, April 12, 2010

When Harry met Harry...and Herry

I work in a small offiice with two guys who are named, "Harry." What are the chances of that? Neither of them actually go by the name, "Harry," as they have adopted nicknames or using their initials as their first name. That probably makes sense. I only bring this up because of yet another bizarre dream I had the other night. Only recently have I begun to actually remember my dreams which gives me something to blog about. Anyway, in the dream I was looking at my birth certificate only to discover that my real first name guessed it..."Harry."

Too bad Herry Monster from the Sesame Street of old was not in the dream.


Arby said...

Hey, just be happy that your real name wasn't Hairy.

Sniz said...

Sesame Street is supposed to create short attention spans. Could this Mean something? Just sayin.