Monday, April 5, 2010

Back Again

My company just finished a major trade show and I'm still trying to dig out of everything while life moves on at full speed. It's also the beginning of baseball/softball season for my kids and it looks like two if not all three of my kids will be on teams this year. That always makes life even more interesting. Regardless, I've neglected this blog for too long and it's time to get back at it. However, I'm not really sure what to contribute at the moment.

All I can think of is the stupid dream I had last night (actually it was around 6:00 am this morning). I was playing some strange pool game with a bunch of kids (none that I recognize in real life). It was like tag except that you could be safe or immune from getting tagged by having some sort of combination of items with you in the pool. Of course, I was "it" and it didn't matter who I tried to tag. They would always have a combination of things that kept them from getting tagged. It was pretty frustrating as I'd finally catch up with a kid and he'd say, "You can't tag me. I've got the green floaty and the yellow ball." Well, of course I can't tag that kid. Everyone knows the green floaty and the yellow ball makes you safe from the 4o-year-old man who's trying to tag you. In my frustration I remember trying to smack the kid in the head with the floaty...which turned out to be the REAL pillow under my head as I was sleeping. I managed to jerk it out from under my head and woke up--as did my wife as I think I may have struck her.

So, now she's "it"...unless her combination of the green pillow and pink pajamas makes her immune.


Some Guy said...

Welcome back.

So you took the green floaty from the kid? Wouldn't that mean he no longer had the floaty and thus was not safe from being tagged?

Toni said...

You have a history of violence. Remember when you bonked the 13yo in the face with a basketball on our cruise? Your raged look told me you'd have hit me too (for laughing), had it not been for the paperclip and the bread tie in my purse. Everyone on board knew you couldn't rightly bonk me when I was holding the golden combo: paperclip and bread tie.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Dreams are weird. The other night I had a dream that featured the A-Team and a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, I don't remember any other details, so I don't know what he and the A-Team were doing (though I'm certain it involved shooting guns, flipping cars and blowing things up, because that's what the A-Team did).

Also, last night I had an odd dream that featured me (in a minivan) being chased by some evildoers (in a golf cart). I woke up very confused after that one. I mean, I get the A-Team -- it's one of my favorite tv shows, and the theme song is my ringtone -- but evildoers in a golf cart? Like I said...dreams are weird.

Sniz said...