Thursday, February 4, 2010

Facebook Ads for Forty Year Olds

Many of you are familiar with Facebook, as am I. As slick as it is, it's hard to believe that they make so much money on advertising when I regularly see stuff like this (left).

Obviously, Facebook looks at my age to create my personalized ads...or is that just a coincidence? (Note sarcasm--I need that new punctuation mark for sarcasm I've been hearing about!) By the way, who has a Driver's License picture like that, anyway? Could you imagine that whole scenario? Let's try...

BMV* LADY: Ok, just stand here in front of the backdrop and I'll take your picture so you can have your new license.

STUD GUY: Ok. Does my hair look ok?

BMV LADY: Uh....sure...whatever. I have 72 people waiting behind you and I need to take a government approved break where I just sit and do nothing. Let's keep it moving.

STUD GUY: Well, I guess it's ok. Now, tell me, what's my motivation in this shot?

BMV LADY: What? Your motivation? I guess your motivation is that you need a new license or you won't be able to drive. Now, PLEASE look into the camera.

STUD GUY: Perfect. Let me get there. I'm a method actor.....[long pause, people can be heard screaming in the background.] WAIT! This doesn't seem right. It needs something.

BMV: Sir, all I need to do is push the button so you can move on and I can get my break.

STUD GUY: I got it. I'll take my shirt off.

BMV: Sir, that's really not necess....oh, ok.

Since I'm 40, I qualify for $12/month car insurance. I'm sure that has to be real, right? (still need that SarcMark) Plus, I can get a FREE Apple iPad

*That's right, I said "BMV!" Here in Indiana it's the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and not the DMV.


Arby said...

I think the $12 dollars covers your hose clamps.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Don't think that age is a coincidence since I regularly see ads for 59 yr old women and my son sees them for 39 year old men.