Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Snip's Desire

Well, hello there. I just haven't had anything interesting to say lately and the world still seems to be spinning on its axis.

My wife posted something great today. Here's my girl blogging about one of my girls. This little one is known as "snip" on my blog. She's a cutie.


Steve Martin said...

That is a wonderful post that speaks volumes about the great childhood that your daughter is having and what a wonderful mother your wife is.

I know that you fit in there somewhere, too.

Sniz said...

That's cool that you put this link on your blog! Snip IS pretty special. She's going to make such a GREAT mother some day! And thanks for the comments, Steve Martin. Hearing those words makes all the long days and seemingly thankless tasks worth while!

Randy said...


Even though I never had my own kids, reading that brought back memories. My niece Tiffany is like a daughter to me and it's difficult to believe she's 23 now and married. I remember being the "Dad for the day" on Saturdays of taking her to McDonalds and the movies.

What really got to me was when she said recently, "Uncle Randy, you taught me so much in life. When I have my kids I definitely want you around to spoil them too!"

So Snip is really on to something. What an amazing grasp for a young one to have! It shows what a great family you and Sniz have. You have been blessed.