Tuesday, December 7, 2010

But wait, there's more!

Believe it or not, I still haven't given up on this blog idea. I don't want to lose the momentum I've got. Not only are there still mainly stupid things out there that I need to document, I also have many pointless things to contribute to the world. My 44 readers have been deprived for so long that I can only hope they will take me back.

These days I'm mainly dealing with the intricacies of raising a 17-year-old boy who is convinced that he knows everything there is to know and that I'm "out to get him." Perhaps some of you have experienced this as well. I'm interested to hear what you have to say.


Big Doofus


Dorci said...

Been there and done that..twice. I have a 19-year old son and a 21-year old son. Just hang on until it's over, and it will be over. He'll grow up and you'll be smart again. ;O) Just keep loving him no matter what. I think what they say and how they act on the inside is just a front to try to look cool. Inside they still want love and direction and to know you'll be there. Just enjoy each gripey, grouchy, messy, lazy, goofy day. Someday you'll both look back and laugh. :)

Some Guy said...

Wait, you aren't actually out to get him?

Oklahoma Granny said...

Hang in there. 17 year old boys can certainly be trying. We have 16 and 18 year old grandsons. The 18 year old just finished a college paper on adolescents. I asked him if he learned anything. He said, "I remember doing some of that stuff." Yeah - like it was so long ago!

Mr. E said...

I finally got back into blogging after several months.